Cell 3116 or How to Marry a Loser Without Even Trying


Dee Sanderson was born in Queens, NY. She studied communications at the University of Virginia. After graduating in 1996, she began a successful career in the field of Computer Programming. For nearly a decade, she has worked in management for several fortune 500 companies.

Her first book, Cell 3116 or How To Marry A Loser Without Even Trying (2009), is a definite page turner. The book touches on themes of responsibility, accountability, and of course, love and loss. She populates the semi-auto biographical read with hilarious and sometimes disturbingly truthful anecdotes.

While How To Marry...is her first self-published work, Sanderson has also written several screenplays. She is an avid reader, enjoying books from various genres. Since early childhood, her favorite genre remains Sci-fi. And she includes the venerable Stephen King among her all time favorites Authors. She credits King with her love for skillful writing and depth to accompany a fascinating story.

She lives in Southern California and is an occasional contributor to blogs and online publications.

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